Beatrix's Sword


Beatrix's sword was the only sword Hattori Hanzō made after his retirement and supposedly the greatest samurai sword ever forged.


The Forging of the Great SwordEdit

Beatrix's Sword Forged

Hattori Hanzō with finished sword for Beatrix.

Although Hanzō swore a blood oath to not make another sword ever again, he is convinced by Beatrix to make a final sword, for the purpose of killing Bill. Hanzō notes that this sword is his greatest creation.

The Offering CeremonyEdit

Once the sword was complete, Hanzō gave a small ceremony for Beatrix in honor for her to have such a weapon. Even after the sword was created, Hanzō felt honored to give it to Beatrix. Once the sword was in her possession, she went off to complete her chosen task.


The sword killed over 40 individuals, before presumably being retired once Bill was killed.

The victims the sword has taken the lives of are: 

Despite being made for killing the Death List Five, the sword is only used to kill one of them (O-Ren Ishii and also most of her subordinates) and had not a big role in the killing of the four remaining members. The sword is not involved in any way in the killing of Vernita Green (is presumed to be in the backseat of the Pussy Wagon) and Beatrix lost it while attacking Budd in the first time. When she recovered again, Budd was dead and Elle blinded. The sword had a minor role in the killing of Bill, only to defend Beatrix from the attack of Bill's katana.


  • Despite planning to use the sword to kill the remaining Vipers, only O-Ren was directly killed by Beatrix with it. Budd managed to outsmart Beatrix, burying her alive while stealing her sword, Elle bought the sword from Budd, while Bill managed to prevent Beatrix from pulling the sword out of its scabbard.

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