Massacre at Two Pines


Chapter 6: Massacre at Two Pines is the first chapter in Vol. 2, and overall the sixth chapter of "Kill Bill".


The Bride is attending her wedding reherseal at the chapel in Texas. While discussing the ceremony, The Bride gets angry at the hostess for pestering her about her family, and goes outside for some fresh air. There she meets Bill.

Bill and The Bride discuss her future, where the Bride reveals that she now works at her future husbands used record store in town.

Bill ends up being taken into the rehersal, where he pretends to be the Bride's father. He introduces himself to Tommy and the rehersal begins.

The camera pulls away from the chapel to reveal the Deadly Vipers standing outside, all armed with machine guns. They calmly walk inside and Massacre at Two Pines begins. 

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