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Crazy 88
Known members
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Tokyo, Japan


The Crazy 88 was O-Ren Ishii's personal army, under the leadership of Johnny Mo.


The Crazy 88 have resided in Japan for an unknown amount of time as a major Yakuza gang. One year after the Massacre at Two Pines, O-Ren Ishii, with the help of Bill was able to take control of many major companies in Japan and became what Beatrix referred to as the "Queen of Tokyo's underworld." With her financial power, she was able to gain leadership of the Crazy 88, and thus they were to follow her orders from then on.

Showdown at the House of the Blue LeavesEdit

Crazy 88 Surrounds Bride

The Crazy 88 surrounds The Bride before the fight.

Four years after the massacre at Two Pines, Beatrix Kiddo awoke from her long coma and sought revenge against the Deadly Viper Assassination Squad. Since O-Ren wanted power before The Bride's massacre, O-Ren was the easiest to locate and the first on The Bride's Death List Five.

The Bride found out that O-Ren, Sofie Fatale, Gogo Yubari, and several members of the Crazy 88 were going to the House of the Blue Leaves. When she arrived, she challenged O-Ren and sliced off Sofie's arm. O-Ren ordered the Crazy 88 members to kill The Bride, but she quickly dispatched them.

After that, Gogo and The Bride fought, but The Bride also killed Gogo as well. O-Ren then ordered the rest of the Crazy 88 to kill The Bride. All of them, led by Johnny, quickly arrived and surrounded her.

The battle began and all the Crazy 88 attacked. Despite their numbers, The Bride possessed greater skill than them. She was able to kill or injure every one of them, including Johnny Mo. After the battle ended, The Bride told the injured Crazy 88s to go, but they should leave their limbs behind. After the Showdown at the House of the Blue Leaves, it is unknown what happened to the Crazy 88, but most likely the remaining members all got arrested and the Crazy 88 dissolved.


  • The Crazy 88 doesn't actually comprise of exactly 88 members. It is speculated that they picked this name because it "sounded cool" according to Bill in Vol. 2 or because 88 is a lucky number in Japan. It sounded cool because there are 88 keys on a piano. The piano keys are black and white, similiar to the fight which uses black and white screen colors. The Crazy 88 wear black and white clothing. Tarantino uses instrumental metaphors in all of his films.
  • Yoji Tanaka a.k.a. BoBa who is known for his character of Juon: "The Grudge", "Yuji Toyama", and "Death Note". Sasaki the bus driver is the Crazy 88 member number 3. He can be first seen in the entrance scene of O-Ren Ishii and her henchmen.
  • During the House of Blue Leaves Fight, several actors were re-used and can be seen being killed or maimed more than once.

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