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Deadly Viper Assassination Squad
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The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad is the main antagonist organization in the Kill Bill movies.


The Deadly Viper Assassination Squad was a group of assassins led by Bill. The group was composed of two men and four women: Bill, his brother Budd, Beatrix Kiddo, O-Ren Ishii, Vernita Green, Elle Driver, and Sofie Fatale.

Although their name suggests that the members of the team are codenamed with vipers' names, the black mamba and the California mountain snake do not belong to the viper family; the black mamba is an elapid and the California mountain snake belongs to the colubrids.

The four members of the Squad, moments before the massacre.
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The Codenames of all members but Bill are the names of snakes. Bill's codename is Snake Charmer and hence signifies him as the leader of the squad.

However, not all members are named after Vipers as the name of the squad suggests. The Black Mamba and the California Mountain Snake do not belong to the Viper family.


Deadly Viper Assassination Squad

Picture Name Status Code-name History
Bill Deceased Snake Charmer Was romantically involved with Beatrix, and the father of her daughter. Shot Beatrix, yet was murdered by her four years later.
Elle Driver Unknown California Mountain Snake Bill's lover. Lost her eye to Pai Mei, whom she later poisoned. Murdered Budd with her Black Mamba, yet was left for dead by Beatrix a short time later, after losing her second eye.
Budd Deceased Sidewinder Bill's brother. Owned a Hattori Hanzō sword given to him by Bill. Lived in rural Texas and worked at a strip club. He was bitten to death by Elle's black mamba.
O-Ren Ishii Deceased Cottonmouth The former leader of the Tokyo crime world. Best friend of Sofie Fatale, and the unofficial leader of the Crazy 88 and Gogo Yubari. Murdered by Beatrix.
Vernita Green Deceased Copperhead Left the Squad sometime after the massacre, and married Lawrence Bell, with whom she had a daughter. Vernita was tracked down by Beatrix four years after the massacre, and was murdered in front of Nikki's eyes.
Beatrix Kiddo Alive Black Mamba

Bill's former lover. Faked her death and almost married Tommy Plympton in rural Texas. Was shot (in the head) and left for dead by Bill, yet woke up after a four-year coma, discovering her daughter was delivered during her coma.

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