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"Quite simply, the deadliest blow in all of martial arts. He hits you with his fingertips at 5 different pressure points on your body, and then lets you walk away. But once you've taken five steps your heart explodes inside your body and you fall to the floor, dead."

The "Five-Point-Palm Exploding-Heart-Technique" is the most fatal martial arts strike used in "Kill Bill: Vol. 2" by Beatrix Kiddo to kill Bill.


Known for being the most deadly blow in all of martial arts, the move consists of a combination of five strikes with one's fingertips to five different pressure points on the target's body. After the target walks away and has taken five steps, their heart explodes in their body and they fall to the floor.


This move was taught to Beatrix Kiddo by Pai Mei, and used by Beatrix to kill Bill. Nobody is quite sure why Pai Mei taught Beatrix this deadly move and not Elle nor even Bill, however, Pai Mei must have seen a fundamental difference in character between Beatrix and either Bill or Elle. This is suggested because, although Beatrix represented everything he despised, he agreed to train her. It is ironic however, as he would go on to train Elle under the same conditions except the latter would eventually murder him.

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