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Kill Bill: Vol. 3 is an announced third installment in Quentin Tarantino's Q & U series to be distributed by Miramax Films and a Band Apart Productions.

It was slated for an unknown 2014 release and Quentin Tarantino, the man behind the previous two Kill Bill Films, has announced small plot details and casting regarding the film in late 2010.

The film is to definitley in confirmation star Uma Thurman who will reprise her role as Beatrix Kiddo and Daryl Hannah as the now completely eyeless enemy Elle Driver who was left for dead in Vol. 2

An official name for the film has not been given so has been simply labelled as Kill Bill. Vol 3 though Quentin confirms it will bear another name.

In December 2012 however, Tarantino said that Kill Bill, Vol. 3 now looks unlikely, and that he wishes to focus on other unrelated projects.

Rumored Plot DetailsEdit

Quentin expresses that the film may involve two of those of the Crazy 88 who lost important limbs to Beatrix in Vol. 1 but survived and have began a crusade of vengeance.

Though of December 2010 Quentin announced that the two may not be Crazy 88 survivors but that of Sofie Fatale and Elle Driver.

Many rumours have circulated that the films plot will concern Vernita Green's daughter Nikki whom witnessed her mother's death at the hands of Beatrix in Vol. 1.


  • Uma Thurman as Beatrix Kiddothumb|right|176px
  • Daryl Hannah as Elle Driver
  • Kevin C. Walls (Rumoured Unspecified Role)

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