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The "Pussy Wagon" is a bright yellow Chevrolet Silverado SS seen in Miramax's Kill Bill: Vol. 1 and originally belonging to Buck. The truck is now in the possession of writer/director Quentin Tarantino and he provided it to "Lady Gaga" for use in the 2010 "Telephone" music video (shown below) shot in similar exploitation-film style.

In the filmEdit

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After the Bride wakes from her coma and has a flashback of Buck raping her and "renting" her out, he becomes the second victim on her bloody path to Bill. In his pocket she finds his keys complete with custom Pussy Wagon nameplate, something which visibly disgusts her. The truck is the Bride's first mode of transportation as she sets out to exact certain vengeance. It is seen - with Beatrix at the wheel - in front of Vernita Green's house before, and after their encounter, but never again in either Vol. 1 or Vol. 2. In the final chapter of Vol. 2, the truck is mentioned one final time when Beatrix remarks "my Pussy Wagon died."


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